Mentor, Help, Donate
If you are looking for a way to get involved in your community or want to donate to an efficient and effective organization, look no further.  The Trailblazers welcomes and appreciates your involvement in and partnership with this vital organization through tax deductible donations and/or volunteer service.
          Volunteers and Mentors are at the heart of Midwest Trailblazers Youth Program.  Volunteers make it possible for us to survive and thrive.  Through the generous gifts of time and support from our volunteers, the Trailblazers are able to offer a wrap around support system making sure all participants learn and grow, so they will have the tools to realize — and not just only imagine — their dreams.  
Volunteer positions and internship opportunities are available in the following programs:
  • Coach/Mentor (6 - 8 hours per week):  Coach or be an assistant coach a basketball team. 
  • Mentors (4 - 8 hours a month):  Volunteers need not be licensed therapists to provide structure and guidance for participants. To be a mentor you just have to love sports and be a positive role model for kids. 
    Marketing Intership:  Help fundraise and market the Trailblazers Program and events. 
  • Practice Support (1 - 3 hours a week):  Volunteers are a part of the team, assist with practice, transportation, and related practical support for the team. 
  • Committees:  We have numerous of committee such as the Traveling Committee, Tournament Committee, Golf Tournament Committee, Grievance Committee, and more!
          Your contribution to Midwest Trailblazers is tax-deductible.  Thanks to the commitment of our Corporate & Community Partners, 100% of your donation will be directed to scholarship grants for eligible applicants.
Corporate Matching Gift Programs
          Your employer may be willing to match your personal donation to Midwest Trailblazers Youth Program.  This can double or triple your contribution. Follow these steps to request a matching gift from your employer:
  1. Ask the human resources representative where you work if there is a charitable Matching Gift program.
  2. If the answer is "yes", ask for a Matching Gift Form and complete your portion. If the answer is "no", talk to the human resources director and suggest the idea.
  3. Include the completed and signed matching gift form with your next donation to Midwest Trailblazers Youth Program.
  4. The Trailblazers will verify your gift and return the form to your company, which will then issue a matching gift contribution to Midwest Trailblazers Youth Program.
United Way Giving
For the United Way of Midlands, please indicate donor choice #21238.  For all other United Ways, please write in "Midwest Trailblazers Youth Program of Omaha, NE" and our address.
Midwest Trailblazers
PO Box 641706
Omaha, NE 68164
For check donations please fill them out to:
Midwest Trailblazers
PO Box 641706
Omaha, NE 68164
Enter Amount to Donate: $
Presentation Of Trailblazers
If you would like a Trailblazers Board member to come to your company to talk about the Trailblazers as a potential designee for an upcoming United Way campaign, please contact us. 
Thank you for your Online Donation.

With your help, the Trailblazers’ participants will learn and grow as a person, so they will have the tools to realize — and not just only imagine — their dreams.

We appreciate you taking an interest in helping the Midwest Trailblazers Youth Program.



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